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Hospital Bill Audits

Hospital bill auditing is the jewel of our professional portfolio. Without exception, DiversiMed, Inc. is the universally acknowledged expert of this art. Using our motto of "Service and Savings," we have refined the technique of HBA to a razor sharp tool that has recovered literally millions of healthcare dollars for our clients and their plan members.

DMI Audit Program

The components of our AUDIT Program are Assessment, Unconditional Performance, Detail, Integrity and Teamwork. Each element is essential for identifying overcharges.

Overcharges often are the result of incorrect or inaccurate hospital billing. To illustrate, DMI has been able to recover hundreds of thousands of dollars through a sample of just seven hospital bill audits for clients:


Samples of Audit Overcharges:

Calculating YOUR savings!$ 16,148.03

$ 307,883.00
Recovered by DMI!

Among the services we offer
without charge to you are:
Prescreen intervention
Obtaining patient release of
medical information authorization
Securing provider itemized charges
Custom report formats
Outcome summarizations
Analytical recommendations
Your own customer service representative
  Why is DiversiMed, Inc. special:
  1. All of our auditors are licensed nurses.
  2. Unless the client specifies differently, all audits are conducted on site at the facility, or a location the facility has assigned for their hospital(s).
  3. Prescreening is done on a case by case basis by experienced Nurse Auditors. We review each charge line by line, rather than simply apply a mathematical formula to the revenue departments.
  4. While our nurse network is nationwide, our central office in Tampa, Florida maintains all data to enable one call service.
  5. Continuing education and quality control are ongoing by our clinical and non-clinical quality control managers.
  6. All Hospital Bill Audits are concluded with an exit interview between the DMI Nurse Auditor and hospital representative in which all discrepancies are reviewed, discussed and agreed upon in writing.
  7. Collection services are available for overpaid amounts.
  8. Our computer claims technicians have the ability to work within your computer system to pull claims as needed.
  9. Retrieval of authorizations and itemized bills as required.
DMI Call DiversiMed, Inc. to maximize YOUR healthcare dollars. We will custom tailor one of our programs to meet the special needs of your employee group. It would be our pleasure to show you how DMI maximizes your healthcare dollars through "Service and Savings."
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