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Case Management Intervention

One of the most cost effective ways in which DMI keeps an Eagle Eye on the expenditure of your healthcare dollars is through concurrent Utilization Review. Our unique Case Management Intervention and network of Preferred Providers work for you!

Case Management Intervention is the science of implementing and monitoring a cost effective plan of care while maximizing the patient's healthcare benefits.

The CMI Profile documents our assessment of the patient's status. The profile is initiated on the day of referral and completed as soon as all required data is received from the service providers. Preparing reports
Interim reports prior to completion of the CMI Profile keep you abreast of the patient's status via phone or fax.

CMI Monthly Progress Reports for the preceding month are written by the fifth of each month. These progress reports are detailed accounts of your insured's status and activity. Our Case Managers keep in close contact with the patient and any caregivers, advising you of all acute status changes as they occur.

The CMI Summary Report is completed when CMI is no longer required. With each case closeout is a detailed savings report that identifies for you all healthcare dollars saved, indexed by item descriptor. Preparing reports
nurses A Case Manager's Diary is included with all CMI written reports. This diary is the "meat and potatoes" with which the Case Managers interface and the issues are discussed.
DMI Preferred Provider Organizations are members of our network, a finely tuned group of providers that are on the cutting edge of healthcare technology. We work closely with these agencies and are constantly expanding our network to meet the needs of our clients.
DMI Call DiversiMed today! Cost containment through Utilization Review maximizes your healthcare savings ... while patients receive maximum benefits.

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