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IME, FCE and Peer Review
  1. IMEs, FCEs and Peer Reviews are available on a nationwide basis. Should private investigation surveillance be required, we will be glad to coordinate with your PI.
  2. All Physician Advisor reviews are conducted in conjunction with active practicing board certified physician advisors in multiple specialties and subspecialties. The reviews are specific to a modality and are meant to give you a direction to proceed.
  3. Our UR nurses schedule cases promptly and secure all necessary medical records.
  4. Each client has a custom tailored intake form created so that each facet of the review requested is addressed by the Physician Advisor. Reports are completed within 10 business days and verified that all issues were addressed in order for you to continue processing your insured's claim.
  5. Additional services available include: work hardening, vocational assessment, driving, neuro-psych, second opinions, physician advisor consultations, workers compensation claim reviews and DRG reviews.
  6. DRG (Diagnostic Related Group) Review identifies the accuracy of the codes applied by the provider to a hospital bill. Our Review Clinicians assess each code for accurate assignment, verify all comorbidity applications, and correlate the relationship between upgrading modifiers and the primary diagnosis and procedure codes.
  7. Reviews by the Physician Advisors address the usual and customary database, medical necessity, length of stay, causality, IME, Peer Review, and personal injury/disability claims.
  8. Worker Compensation Claim Reviews can include ambulatory surgical center audits, hospital bill audits, causality as well as investigations and surveillance.
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